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Shell Wars: Fish VS Zsh

I think I'm a bit unique in the dev world in that I use two different shells as daily drivers. The two very powerful shells that I would recommend are Fish and Zsh. There are easy-install wrappers for them called OhMyFish and OhMyZsh; if you wanted to try one, I'd recommend using those resourc...

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Date: Aug 16 2022

Istio Multi-Primary Multi-Cluster Blues

A recent initiative for my team at work has been to setup the potential for blue/green deployments at the cluster level. This requires bringing up two GKE clusters in parallel and connecting their networks via Istio. Once a multi-primary multi-cluster Istio deployment is configured across diffe...

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Date: May 20 2022

Backing Up a Flat-File Blog

We've all run into backup problems in our personal lives. Lost photos due to shares expiring, corrupt Word docs on old pen drives, and of course the occasional data loss with our favourite services. The worst I've encountered was losing this blog's database a couple years back (when it was on WordP...

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Date: Jan 09 2021

Remembering Meltdown and Spectre

Ahh, we’re already almost halfway into 2019. How time flies. Thinking about last year made me remember, that around this time, we had just received poorly performing OS patches for Spectre and Meltdown. At the time that the patches hit my desktop machine I recall Firefox slowed a little more than...

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Date: May 02 2019

Jobs in Kubernetes

Unfortunately for any potential job seekers that ended up here, Jobs in the Kubernetes (k8s) context are a type of controller (like a deployment) that allows for running only a certain number of containers until a certain threshold of runs has been reached. This differentiates it from the other...

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Date: Apr 09 2019