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My Raspberry Pi Experience

I've played around with a few Raspberry Pis in my time. As a developer, it's kind of hard to not find a way to use one of those neat hobby boards. I've helped people set up NASes, emulators for old arcade games, and remote home monitoring solutions all from Raspberry Pis. Here's some advice and ex...

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Date: Mar 26 2018

Why Memory Consumption is a Sham and you know nothing, Jon Snow

OK, quick question. How much memory is your computer using right now? After being asked this, most simply open up their favourite performance monitor of choice and rattle off the biggest number they can find on the screen. As a performance developer I’m asked that question constantly, and was on...

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Date: Apr 04 2017

Elasticsearch Performance Tuning

Working as a performance investigation developer at my company using ELK for monitoring a 5 server system constantly shows high traffic load to our Elasitcsearch cluster. Near the beginning of my tenure as a developer I was constantly troubleshooting seemingly random node toppling and incredibly sl...

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Date: Feb 22 2017

Running Windows CMD and Batch Scripts from Java

A couple of weeks ago I hit a problem at work that would require calling an external program from Java. Essentially I needed to run a Windows batch script from within a program, so I decided I would make a boilerplate for Java Runtimes and add it to the company development library such that nobody...

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Date: Sep 23 2016

Hosting Multiple Domains Off One Apache Server With No Virtual Hosts

Note: I don't use this scheme for my webhosting anymore, but I'll leave this here as a fun facts article

It's been awhile, blog! Things got hectic and you got pushed to the side for a little while. I've graduated and gotten a job since my last post!

Anyways, when it comes to hosting Apache ser...

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Date: Jun 27 2016