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IBM Cloud DevOps Course: A short review

In January I was lucky enough at my work to be given a voucher to join in on an IBM Cloud DevOps course. It was a week long course with virtual lectures and labs intended to get students up to speed on using IBM Cloud’s tools and pipelines. In hindsight, it was definitely a mixed bag. Between ou...

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Date: Apr 03 2019

Is Reddit's Upvote Button Orange or Red?

Last week a meme took over Reddit asking whether the upvote button was red or orange. Yes, it’s a dumb meme designed to suck up upvotes. It seemed like most people considered it orange, but I saw it as more of a red. So, I decided to evaluate the “redness” or “orangeness” of the colour f...

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Date: Mar 20 2019

Transitioning Off Facebook

For the last couple of years I’ve been concerned with FB and it’s use of my data. There’s been incident after incident, from millions of profiles being exposed when they shouldn’t be, to messages being available for big companies like Netflix to analyze. Including the Russian influence in...

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Date: Mar 05 2019

Final Directions on GitLab

So, at this point, I’ve worked with GitLab for about three weeks straight making demo after demo to compare features to Bitbucket. The biggest thing I learned about GitLab is that it’s really easy to get running fast with. It's definitely a powerful framework with some serious DevOps chops. He...

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Date: Mar 01 2019

Deploy Boards in GitLab

At first reading up on GitLab deploy boards I was quite impressed. I liked how it seemed to integrate with Kubernetes (k8s) seamlessly, the tracking and monitoring features that seemed to come with it, and canary builds. However, after setting their stuff up for a demo cluster, I was unimpressed...

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Date: Feb 21 2019