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Docker in Docker on Kubernetes with GitLab

GitLab runners limited minutes can be a major source of issues for people using their SaaS solution. People often decide to host their own dynamically provisioned Kubernetes (or k8s) clusters to use the GitLab k8s runners. However, using the k8s runner prevents Docker in Docker (or dind) from wor...

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Date: Feb 13 2019

GitLab First Impressions

I’ve been tasked with researching GitLab and setting up a demo for it at my work. We’re considered moving some internal build and deploy pipelines over to it. My intentions with this type of post is simply to keep some notes on the technology as I learn it. Hopefully my notes will be of some u...

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Date: Feb 05 2019

San Francisco: a review by a Toronto developer

This summer I finally had the opportunity to visit my original programming mentor in San Francisco over the Canada Day weekend. It would be an exciting trip for me: my first time in California, my first time on the West Coast, my first time seeing the Pacific, and of course, my first time in San F...

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Date: Nov 22 2018

If Games Focused on Gameplay over Graphics

I watched a YouTube series on the creation of Dwarf Fortress the other night, and I must say it really ended up intriguing me. I've never played Dwarf Fortress myself, but I have watched a few friends. For the uninitiated, its rogue-like farming and management simulator with very old graphics but...

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Date: Apr 11 2018

A Review of Jenkins Groovy Pipelines

Jenkins implemented a form of job that can be written in Groovy a couple of years ago. They call them Groovy Pipelines, and they have two major types:

  • Declarative pipelines

    • Have a strongly opinionated format for syntax and semantics in writing jobs
    • Slightly modified example from a "b...
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Date: Apr 04 2018